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What is Freedom Housing? 
Freedom Housing is a superior care and housing model designed for persons with disabilities - and for those requiring aged care - who wish to continue living in a conventional house or apartment with their family or friends. 
Freedom Housing is designed specifically for our needs, and also for the particular requirements of our family members or housemates. It facilitates early intervention and up to 24/7 high-care and includes palliative care when required. We do not have to go to a nursing home, group accommodation home, respite home, or to a hospice.

A Freedom Housing nest of four private dwellings is created by conjoining them to a Freedom Key: a central facilities hub. The Key is common property.  Home carers are stationed there to provide care on-request and to attend to other homemaking tasks. 

As young persons, we are free to continue living a lifestyle of our choice, with persons of our choosing, in our preferred communities, in private housing, where we call the shots and live a self-directed life. 

We are able to live in Freedom Key dwellings through every phase of our lives: as children, as young single adults,  as parents, in old age, and for the end of life stage. We are assisted to work from home, in our chosen career outside our home, and to operate a business from home if we so choose. 

Each property is uniquely designed according to our preference for fabric, appearance, lifestyle, and inclusions. Our homes are private residences, and our privacy is strictly respected.

Read more about the benefits of Freedom Housing here.


Freedom Housing is a Social Enterprise

The primary and informing mission is to make life better for persons with disabilities - and for those closest to them - and also for persons who require aged care, by empowering them to improve their quality of life and thereby to increase their prospects for happiness. 


Freedom Housing Meets the Highest Standards

Freedom Housing complies fully with the Objects and Principles of the NDIS Act 2013 (Parliament of Australia), and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The compliance levels of traditional models as compared to Freedom Housing are presented in this report.

Freedom Housing promotes our human rights, is efficient, socially cohesive, more affordable, economically productive, and respects our dignity and the dignity of those who live with us.


Expression of Interest

If you would like to live in Freedom Housing as a tenant, as an owner-occupier, or to share with others, we invite you to contact us to register your Expression of Interest on the Freedom Key Registry.

The Freedom Key Registry acts as a waitlist. Opportunities to share, rent, and buy, are offered to registrants only. 

Ethical property investors are invited to contact us for details about the social and financial benefits of investing in Freedom Housing property. 

We invite Expressions of Interest from individuals, corporations, and government departments from Australia, New Zealand*, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, and the nations of the European Union.


Patent and Registered Trademarks

Freedom Housing is a patented invention. Freedom Housing and Freedom Key are registered trademarks. All rights - including copyright - are reserved by Freedom Key Pty Ltd (Australia): the franchisor.


*will be marketed under different trademarks in New Zealand