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One of our most prized possessions is our personal privacy. 

Privacy is usually easy to maintain when we live in our own home, but it is almost impossible to secure in an institutional setting, where the loss of our personal privacy is often the ransom we pay for personal care. 

In Freedom Housing our personal privacy is respected. Home carers observe privacy protocols when entering our homes to ensure that the activities of the rest of the household are not disturbed.

Persons who enter the home from the Freedom Key do so strictly by invitation. The back door of our home is treated with the same respect and consideration as the front door.

If our disability means that we are unable to physically partake in our family's social activities, we are still able to 'participate' by observing. We know that even a vicarious engagement with family activities is very therapeutic and comforting. Living in close contact with others and being 'where the action is' is very important to us.

The social activities which are possible in a private home may be enjoyed in a Freedom Key home. 


Freedom Housing allows us to choose who we live with, and it allows us to live the life-style that suits us. 

Freedom Housing makes it possible to enjoy a self-directed life of engagement with others. 



"Sometimes I just want to be left alone. I don't want a carer in my face all the time, but I want her close by just in case."