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Christos Iliopoulos
Freedom Housing is the brainchild of Christos Iliopoulos, a Melbourne educator and philosophical counsellor, who - with the assistance of personal carers and his children - cared for his late wife Pamela.

Like others who have partners with disabilities he was shocked and saddened to find that the options available to Pamela when her symptoms worsened - in her late 40's - were: to stay at home and receive inadequate care, or to be relinquished to an aged-care facility or group accommodation facility, where her care came at the expense of living in a custodial institution with strangers, a long distance from loved ones, and with the loss of her privacy and the restriction of her personal freedom. 
There was no middle option available.
Christos set out to find the middle option, and in so doing, designed Freedom Housing. 


Katherine Elise Iliopoulos

Katherine was her late mother's carer for many years. She draws from her personal experience when advocating for personal care and housing solutions for persons with disabilities.

She began her career in 2005 as a solicitor at the Office of Public Prosecutions in Victoria, where she worked for three years before embarking on a Master of Laws in Public International Law.

Towards the end of her studies for her Master of Laws, at the University of Leiden in 2008, she was recruited to work for defence counsel, appearing before the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands.
After a year in Paris learning French, and writing legal essays and commentaries in her capacity as journalist and editor for the Crimes of War Project, she returned to The Hague in 2011 as legal adviser at an international criminal tribunal.

Katherine returned to Australia in 2013 and has been assisting her father Christos to develop and to promote Freedom Housing.


Pamela Maree Iliopoulos (née Fry)    1956 - 2012

Pamela was born at the Sunshine Hospital and grew up in Tottenham where her parents owned and operated a newsagency.
Her mother was a Govan: a family of Scottish origin. The Govans operated bluestone quarries in Footscray from the 1850's. Pamela's father was a WWII US soldier from Kansas City Missouri. Christmas holidays were spent relaxing on the Rye foreshore. 
Pamela studied American History and English at La Trobe University - where she met Christos - and then Librarianship at the University of Melbourne. She was employed as a Commonwealth public servant. 
Soon after the birth of her second child at the age of twenty-four, Pamela was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She is the inspiration for Freedom Housing: it is the manifestation of Pamela's vision for dignified and empowering 24/7 care delivered in an authentic home setting, close to family and friends.
Even in her darkest hours, Pamela was courageous, supportive, good humoured, generous, optimistic, life-affirming, and cheerful. She is sadly missed by all who knew, loved, and cared for her. 
Freedom Housing is the kind of housing and care Pamela had sought for herself and for her family.
The Freedom Housing model is dedicated to Pamela's memory and is her loving legacy.