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January 17, 2017 10:00 PM

About a 20-minute drive out of Sale (Gippsland), you will find a town called Maffra. Maffra sits beside the Macalister River surrounded by dairy farms and fertile vegetable growing land. Maffra Cheese is world class and delicious! Around five thousand lucky people call Maffra home.

As you drive in, you will notice how tidy the town is, and the unique main street, which has been designed with style and forethought. There are many trees lining the streets including an elegant old Moreton Bay Fig. Beautiful flower plantings will greet and charm you at both ends of the town centre. It is very obvious that this place is much loved by the locals.

Maffra boasts a hospital, three supermarkets, five banks, a modern post office, a wonderful old library, a river nature reserve, well-maintained natural wetlands, mountain-fresh clean air, and excellent drinking water flows from the kitchen taps. The water is soft which means the soap lathers up, so you can have a luxurious bath and shower. Natural gas is available to homes and businesses.

A wide range of bird life may be seen in the town, including colourful parrots, pink galahs, and flocks of loud and argumentative cockatoos. The blooming jacarandas and the oak and plane tree canopied streets provide a picturesque setting.   

Everything is located within an easy walking distance: I have been here four months now, and I hardly ever use my car. The people are very friendly and their attitude is relaxed. The NBN will be switched on here in early 2017. Who could ask for more? 

If you happen to have a disability, it gets even better. The town is mostly flat, which makes wheelchair and buggy travel very easy. The roads and footpaths are much wider than usual and are well constructed and very easy to negotiate safely. The cafes serve top class Melbourne standard coffee and the service is excellent.

The range of services is extensive: optometrists; doctors; chiropractors; hairdressers; and the list goes on. You have all this at your fingertips. You may even access a free gymnasium by way of several modern exercise machines located at the river reserve. 

Then there is the George Gray Centre. This NGO is a powerhouse of goodness. It provides disability services and employment. It also runs a cafe! 

Employment is available locally, at Sale, Traralgon and Bairnsdale. This means that Maffra families are able to enjoy living in a wonderful small town, whilst accessing the wider employment and recreational opportunities of major regional towns. Maffra has a state primary school, and a Catholic primary school, as well as the Maffra Secondary College.

Sale has a modern 400 seat theatre which stages top quality theatrical productions. Stratford on the river Avon (15 minutes away) stages an annual Shakespeare festival of theatre. Maffra also has a vehicle museum.

If you have a disability - or one of your loved ones has a disability - and you are looking to move your family to a family-friendly and disability-friendly place, you just have to consider Maffra. Come and experience this little paradise for yourself! Maffra Motor Inn is awaiting your call!

The surrounding region has more natural attractions than you can poke a stick at: lakes, beaches, mountains, snowfields, vineyards, wild rivers, and more.
The train from Sale or Traralgon provides a scenic and relaxing journey into Southern Cross station Melbourne. Buses run from Maffra to Sale and Traralgon regularly.

Maffra - 17 January 2017

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