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January 14, 2017 3:00 PM

In Australia - and in most of the Western world - we have commodified the care of those with a disability, and those in frail old age. We have mostly removed the theatre of this care from our homes. This has happened without our deliberated collective consent: often driven by the family's economic necessity, and the lack of more humane alternatives.

The derivative of this removal is the establishment of lucrative care industries (where abuse is in places rampant and adequate care often a rare outcome). We have industrialised the personal care of our people.

In the process of this industrialisation and profit-making, we have stripped our loved ones of their freedom, their dignity, and their connection to family and community: we have stripped them of their human rights. We have also alienated their valuable knowledge, muted their priceless moral influence, and taken away their loving presence. 

We have nursing homes for the ailing elderly; special group homes for those with disabilities, and hospices for those with a terminal condition. All of these are custodial models: prisons by another name.

The essential structure of this arrangement may be characterised as, 'the delivery of persons who require care, to a place where care is available'. This is exactly the opposite of what most people want: 'the delivery of care to where people who require care prefer to live': in their own homes, in their community.

Imagine a scenario where the latter was what we did, and when we did it we saved a huge amount of money; we reduced misery; radically increased the happiness of all concerned, and boosted national wealth creation.

This scenario is possible with conventional housing: Freedom Housing in the form of the various Freedom Key dwellings: houses; villa-units; apartments. And these ubiquitously located in our communities and across the continent.

This is our vision and our mission.


Shakespeare in the park at
Williamstown VIC

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