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Pamela Maree Iliopoulos (née Fry)
15 April 1956 - 8 March 2012



Pamela was diagnosed with MS at age 24. Freedom Housing is the manifestation of Pamela's vision for dignified and empowering care delivered in an authentic home setting close to family and friends.

Pamela's dedicated personal carers are thankfully acknowledged. They believed in the Freedom Housing concept of care. They applied themselves conscientiously to make it work. 
Even in her darkest hours, Pamela was courageous, supportive, good humoured, generous, optimistic, life-affirming, and cheerful. She is sadly missed by all who knew, loved, and cared for her. 
Freedom Housing is designed in memory of Pamela. This is the model of care and housing that she was seeking for herself and for her family. The Freedom Housing concept is her loving legacy.